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Servicing the Atlantic Provinces (NS,NB & PEI) 

Blomidon’s wholesale division is here to provide you the support, service and quality product to help you grow your business or beautify your commercial property(s). Blomidon Nurseries prides itself on delivering consistent quality plant material to your job site on your schedule.

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Blomidon Nurseries Wholesale FAQ

Q1. I want to set up wholesale account at Blomidon Nurseries. Who can be considered for this?

A1. To qualify as a wholesale customer typically the business must use plant material while doing business. Examples of this are landscapers, landscape designers, architects, home builders/developers, construction companies, towns, municipalities. Not-for-Profit groups will get consideration at the discretion of the General Manager

Q2. Is there an annual minimum purchase?

A2. There is no annual minimum purchase requirement.

Q3. What are the payment terms

A3. Blomidon Nurseries accepts Cash, Debit, Visa, Mastercard and Approved Check. All new wholesale accounts require a new customer information form be filled out. If you wish charging privileges, you will be required to fill out a full credit application to be reviewed by the General Manager for approval and to set a credit limit. Charging privileges are based on purchase history, loyalty, and creditworthiness. If a wholesale customer purchases less than $5000.00 over the course of a year, they are usually classified as a cash customer. Payment terms are net 30 days from invoice.

Q4. How long is the plant warranty on plants purchased at Blomidon?

A4. We offer a warranty that must be decided upon when you make your first plant purchase. Ask the wholesale for details.

Q5. When I place an order how long can I expect to wait for it to be ready for pick up?

A5. We require a 36-hour notice to have orders ready for pickup or delivery. This gives us time to pull it, verify it, and contact you if there are any problems with the order. We try our best to have late addition orders ready as soon as possible.

  • Customers are more than welcome to come to the nursery and personally select their plant material. You can then schedule a delivery or take with you.


Q6. Do you deliver?

A6. Yes, we do deliver. We have two trucks to accommodate orders. We deliver throughout Nova Scotia and into parts of New Brunswick by Blomidon Truck.

    • Blomidon Delivery Rate as of May 29/23 is 15% of pre-tax invoice value.
    • Delivery to PEI by Common Carrier and charged accordingly.

Q7. I do not see what I am looking for plants at Blomidon Nurseries, can we special order?

A7. Yes, you can. Let us know what you are looking for and we will go to work finding it for you.

Q8. I have a municipal tender I wish to bid which has plant material, are you able to provide pricing to me?

A8. Yes, however, due to the competitive nature of these types of bids, Blomidon is unable to provide any warranty on plant material (Unless under the MYKE Program). As we tend to quote to more than a single company requesting pricing on these types of bids, it is Blomidon policy that all companies receive the same pricing.