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Beginners Guide to Transplanting Flowers
Bright and full flowers are an excellent indicator of a healthy garden. They represent happiness and lighten dreariest of garden
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Potentilla: Your new favourite shrub
Are you looking to add a pop of colour to your garden? Are you unsure of where to start? Pick
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3 Perfect Garden Gifts for Mom!
Mother's Day; A day where offspring show appreciation and love to the greatest woman in their life.
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Say hello to having the nicest yard in your neighbourhood!
Planning your garden has never been easier with the Blomidon VIP Garden Club Membership
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Annual flowers from seed
Annual plants like petunias and pansies, and for shade impatiens and lobelia, require 12 weeks from the time the seed
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Preparing your Garden Bed
Starting a new bed or gardening for the first time the same rules apply. Are you thinking of doing some
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Dormant Spraying
Once we can depend on the milder weather with temperatures staying above freezing, it is time to start some very
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