Atlantick- Refreshing Body Spray 60ml


Atlantick- Refreshing Body Spray 60ml

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AVOID THAT DEET SMELL: Clean crisp aroma with a distinct citrusy lemon feel and a touch of botanical grass, the AtlanTick Outdoor Spray formula is pure, refreshing and nourishing to the skin. Ingredients include: Witch hazel, Jojoba, Lemongrass and ocean water.
HOW TO USE: Shake well, spray all exposed skin especially along the pant lines, neck and arms. For best results reapply every 2hrs to keep a constant scent on your body and clothes.
TRAVEL SIZED PORTABLE PROTECTION: Your on-the-go solution for long lasting protection from ticks wherever your adventures may take you. Our All Natural Deet Free Outdoor Spray is suitable for use on humans, dogs and horses.
DID YOU KNOW? Applying Deet to Permethrin clothing actually causes the clothing to be damaged? AtlanTick All Natural Deet Free Outdoor Spray can be safely applied to all clothing and skin types.