6 Gardening Trends To Hop On For 2024

6 Gardening Trends To Hop On For 2024


If you are an avid gardener, you may know that gardening trends didn’t change a whole heck of a lot in 2023. However, there were a few key changes that are going to influence gardening this year and that I suggest you hop on for your 2024 garden.

#1: Sustainable Gardening

At the top of the list is sustainable gardening. This includes gardening practices that contribute positively to your environment, particularly the environment beyond your garden. Some examples might be using electric or battery-operated equipment instead of gas-powered gardening tools. I’ve seen leaf blowers and even lawnmowers that are battery operated now, so it really shouldn’t be hard to make that switch.

You might also try collecting rainwater, which sustainable gardeners have been talking up for the last few years. The purpose of collecting and saving rainwater for later use in your garden is to conserve water, and it was actually a common practice of our ancestors. Today, local government bodies often give out rain barrels, or sell them for well below market value, to promote this sustainable practice.

Composting in your backyard is another way you can make your gardening hobby more sustainable. Instead of purchasing fertilizer, install a composter and turn your food scraps into nourishing food for your plants.

If you have the option, which you will if you shop at Blomidon Nurseries, consider using natural herbicides and pest control.

#2: Small Space Gardening

Next on the list of trends for 2024 is small space gardening. Due to the growing population and rising housing prices, people are moving into houses with smaller outdoor spaces, so the garden space they are used to having or would have otherwise had five or ten years ago is substantially reduced. Instead of giving up on gardening, these green thumbs are making the most of the space they have. In 2024, we’re going to see more rooftop and balcony gardens as well as terraces, so be on the lookout or get inspired to transform your small space.

If you are working with a small space garden, you can maximize your use of the space with hanging baskets and wall-mounted pots and planters. You can also opt for a vertical garden by planting up rather than out.

#3: Edible Landscaping

Another trend we’re seeing take off is edible landscaping. It’s common to add color to your garden with flowers, but those don’t yield a crop. As grocery prices continue to rise, I challenge you this year to try growing a mix of edible flowers, herbs, and fruits in your veggie patch instead.

#4: Using Gardening Technology

Have you heard the buzz? With the rapid advancement of technology, and particularly gardening technology, there are new tools available to do everything from one-touch irrigation to identifying illnesses in your plants. If you wake up in the morning and want to water your garden without going outside, it’s as easy as clicking a button on your smartphone. If your plants are looking sickly and you’re not sure why, you can use several applications to diagnose them and recommend a line of treatment.

#5: Planting By Colors Of The Year

The color of the year this year according to Pantone is peach fuzz, so you might consider planting choices like Heuchera “Southern Comfort,” also known as Coral Bells. Dianthus “Coral Reef” is another one with a beautiful peachy color. Astilbe “Erica” is too.

If you follow Benjamin Moore, you might opt for their color of the year—blue nova, a beautiful periwinkle blue.

#6: Embracing Gravel Gardens

This one isn’t too, too popular yet, but there are several houses I’ve noticed just here in the valley where gardeners have given up on trying to keep grass and have instead replaced their lawns with gravel. This could be pea stone or whatever kind of rock you want.

The fun thing about gravel is that you can grow plants in and among it, and it works to highlight your garden selections. You don’t need to make beds to plant like you would with a lawn. Instead, you can plant directly into the ground and use gravel as mulch. Bear in mind that the plants you choose should be drought tolerant. I’ve noticed people really having fun with it, growing some interesting plants and augmenting the appeal with some added boulders and choice artwork.

Start Your Trend Hopping At Blomidon Nurseries!

Are you ready to hop on some or all of these great trends? Come on down to Blomidon Nurseries, where you will find expert guidance and a wide variety of plants and tools to kickstart your 2024 garden transformation.

Happy gardening!