Custom Planters-Baskets

You have a love for plants and flowers, and enjoy the fragrance and calming effect they can have on you. However, you don’t have a large area around your home for a shrub or flower garden. Or, you live in a high rise/low rise apartment or condominium. Or, you just don’t have the time to maintain a large garden.

Don’t let these challenges stop you from having a personal green space. If you have a step, back deck or any other well-lit area, and are looking to brighten those spaces up, then potscaping is the answer for you. Custom planters give you the opportunity to add beauty and warmth to your outdoor living space with very little effort or space. The ability to choose your favourite plants and flowers within a unique container setting, can provide the perfect solution in developing that personal oasis you are looking for.
Let the grow-pros at Blomidon Nurseries help you select the perfect arrangements to complimentary plants or you can choose from a wide selection of already made customer planters and Hanging baskets.

Do not forget planters can also be used for veggies and herbs!!
Blomidon Nurseries. Helping to bring beauty to your personal space.

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