4 Reasons Marigolds are One of Canada’s Top Selling Flowers

Take a look at why marigolds are one of Canada’s favourite flowers and ours!


 1. Marigolds are native to South America

Before this bright yellow (and sometimes orange) flower became a popular garden addition in Canada, it was first discovered in South America. The flower was primarily valued by the aztecs who believed they had magical properties. They were often used in religious rituals and ceremonies. Later in the 1500s, Spanish explorers took marigold seeds and began cultivating them in Spain. Hundreds of years later, the flower made its way to North America.


2.  Marigolds are edible

Not only are marigolds beautiful, but you can eat them too! Eating flowers isn’t always recommended. However, marigolds are used in many dishes (typically Mexican and Indian dishes). It can be added into a salad for a pop of colour or as a somewhat spicy herb when dried and crushed. Another option is boiling the petals for marigold tea.  Click here for a great marigold recipe!


3. Marigolds keep pests at bay

Due to their strong, somewhat unpleasant scent, marigolds have been known to keep many bugs and insects at bay. However, the very same flower is known to attract butterflies because of their vibrant colour. French marigolds are typically the most effective in this endeavour. They have also been known to produce a chemical which kills root eating nematodes.


4. Marigolds have healing properties

There is more to marigolds than meets the eye. The flower has been known to contain healing properties for hundreds of years. In fact, they have been used in the treatment of hiccups, varicose veins and lesions. You can often find marigolds as an ingredient in skin care to aid in the healing of acne.

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