4 Health Benefits of Gardening

Health means more than eating greens, exercising and getting plenty of sleep. Health means happiness, sunlight, fresh air and a little bit of dirt. You probably knew gardening is fun, but did you know there is an array of health benefits associated with it? We have curated a list of four major health benefits associated with getting down to earth.


1. Gardening promotes heart health

Did you know, gardening can better heart health by lowering blood pressure? It can also lower the risk of a heart attack. A study was conducted by the British Journal of Sports Medicine in which 88,000 Americans, from the ages of 40 to 85 were instructed to participate in moderate physical activity such as gardening for 10- 59 minutes a day for 11 years. The study concluded that these individuals had a 12% lower risk of death by a heart attack or stroke.


2. Gardening can help you lose weight

Although light, Gardening is considered moderate intensity-exercise. In fact, you are essentially doing situps and squats without knowing it….at least until the next day. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, you can actually burn up to 330 calories in an hour of gardening depending on the activity. Next time, why not plant and dig instead of lift and run!


3. Gardening is good for your bones

Heliophiles rejoice! Gardening can actually have great effects on bones. This is because when exposed to the sun, your body is prompted to create Vitamin D. This wonderful sun loving vitamin is perfect for helping bones absorb calcium and maintaining phosphorus levels in the blood. In adults, the lack of this essential nutrient can actually cause osteomalacia, a bone-softening disease. Therefore, why not slap on some sunscreen, get outside and soak up some sunshine!


4. Gardening makes you happier

Think back to a time you were gardening. The sun was out and you were proud of the colourful plot you designed and created. Of course, that would make anyone happy. However, there is actually a scientific reason for that amazing feeling. There is a healthy bacteria found in soil called Mycobacterium Vaccae. No, it won’t give you the flu or cause your throat to itch, but it can reduce anxiety and increase serotonin levels. In recent years, scientists have been vaccinating patients with the bacteria, seeing much success such as resilience to allergies and better quality of life.

Whether you plan on cutting grass, trimming shrubs or planting a new addition, you can reap the many health benefits gardening has to offer. If you aren’t sure where to start, come see us and we would love to give you advice and tips to make gardening a part of your routine.

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