3 Perfect Garden Gifts for Mom!

Mother’s Day; A day where offspring show appreciation and love to the greatest woman in their life. As another year passes and Mother’s Day traditions change, one thing stands true; mothers love plants! If you are pressed for time, lacking in funds or have no idea what to get your favourite lady this year, we’ve curated a list of three great options that your mom will be sure to give a big green thumbs up too!

1) Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets are a massive hit on Mother’s Day. It’s the most popular gifts we sell. Why? Hanging baskets are pre-made and ready to take home. They are an easy way to add pops of colour and add dimension to any earth planted garden.

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2) Trendy Gardening Gloves

Who doesn’t love to look great even amid dirt and grime? A pair of fashionable and bright coloured gardening gloves is a great gift for any mom looking to stay on trend and protect her hands at the same time!
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3) Potting Soil

Every gardening mom needs to do some transplanting or starts plants from seed – she will need some fresh potting soil to do the job.
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Gift Card: If you still aren’t sure what gift would make your mom smile, purchase a gift card and let her choose from a variety of plants to fill her garden with.

With Blomidon Nurseries, your mom’s neighbours will envy her yard and she will thank you for making it all possible!

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